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Clay Hopperdietzel

Clay Hopperdietzel

Gnurdle, Inc.
22414 Rippling Shore Ct.
Katy Texas, 77494
(832) 613-4739


Seeking interesting and challenging opportunities in the software development industry.

Available for consulting, staff augmentation, or project-based Corp-to-Corp engagements, with the access to additional similarly skilled developer resources.


Over 30 years of experience as developer, project manager, team lead, architect, mentor, systems administrator, client liaison, strategist, and business owner/operator.

I enjoy working with software, solving real-world problems, mastering new technologies, and applying my talents in pragmatic ways to provide tangible business benefits to my clients.

Active Skills

| Skill | Proficiency | Notes | | —– | ———– | —————————–| | C++ | Expert | Continuous use since 1993, including newest standards enhancments, STL, and Boost| | Clojure(script) | Highly Proficient | Aspiring staunch advocate and user for last two years commerically | | Python | Expert | Used for small to medium projects, multiple occasions | | Java | Moderate | As Required, and via JVM knowledge required in Clojure| | C# | Moderate | As Required | | JavaScript | Moderate | Casual use, and via knowledge required in ClojureScript| | Fortran | Expert | occasional ongoing legacy code contact, no new development | | SQL | Moderate | in development settings | | Linux | Expert | As a development platform and sys-admin. Experience with Arch, Sabayon, RHEL, Fedora and a few others. | | Windows | Expert | Good working knowledge of underlying SDKs, and internals.| | Datomic | Proficient | Currently developing commerical products using it | | Oracle | Moderate | APIs and functional knowledge | | MYSQL | Moderate | APIs and functional knowledge | | SQLite | Expert | Internals, porting to embedded systems, created various I/O and VTABLE implementations | | SQLServer | Moderate | Solid ODBC knowledge, used in a few scattered projects| | rethinkDB | Proficient | my foray into the NoSQL world | Qt | Expert | Long Term - used in a number of large Desktop Apps over many engagements | | Web Services | Expert | HTTP REST Services, WebSockets, Fast-CGI interfaces, etc.| | Messaging | Moderate | Proficient in 0MQ and Google Protobufs. |

Industry Domains

| Domain | Summary | | ————— | ————– | | Software Development | products, support, training and consulting - desktop applications, embedded devices, back-end web-Services, graphics and databases. Imperative and Functional Programming, emergent architectures and technologies.| | Oil and Gas| Geosciences, production and process control, modeling, optimization, and scheduling| | High Performance Computing | Develop, Maintain, Troubleshoot OpenMPI supercomputer applications for Major Oil Company | | Transportation | Railroads, Pipelines, Aviation | | Process control and SCADA systems| Advanced Process Control, device interfaces, Environmental Reporting | | Automation/IOT | Control systems and props for Escape Room Industry (RasPI and ESP8226 Platforms) | | Aviation Services | Trip Planning, Aviation Weather | | Manufacturing | Estimating and Scheduling |

Work/Employment History

2013 to present: President and lead consultant, Gnurdle, Inc., a Houston-based software consultancy and products company.

Projects included:

  • HPC developer/consultant for Major Oil Company - large C++ Codebase, Qt User Interface, OpenMPI on the backend.

  • Product architect/lead developer for replACE, a Job-Shop scheduing and optimization product utilizing ClojureScript (re-frame) front end, and Clojure Back End, which is a re-write of a legacy application created in the late-80’s early 90’s.

  • Escape Room Props and control systems. C++ on Arduino platforms (wifi props), and ClojureScript (nodejs target) running on Raspberry-PI.

  • VX/Works based firmware for specialized oilfield service equipment. Embedded C++, and SQLite, custom TCP/IP interfaces and DHCP executive.

  • Conversion of a very large commercial Oil and Gas Desktop application from 1990s UI technology to Qt based platform. Large legacy code base, many UI elements and graphics, and relational database interfaces.

  • Created a Web-Based dashboard for real-time modeling of gas-lift wells, incorporated into customer’s Scada System Displays Clojure Back-end ClojureScript front-end.

  • Assisted my client in providing training courses and business development undertakings in the Far East.

2009 to 2013: Lead developer – Universal Weather and Aviation, Houston, Texas:

  • Designed, implemented, routinely deployed, and maintained a large/complex software stack designed to gather, catalog, process, disseminate and present weather information for commercial aviation clients, and internal service consumers.

  • Challenges included graphics, web-services, distributed computing architectures, intellegent use of data-storage technologies and development of on-demand processing and delivery algorithms using distributed systems.

2OO7 to 2009 - Senior R&D developer — Paradigm Geophysical (formerly Earth Decision) — Houston, Texas:

  • A member of the development team of approximately 30 international developers charged with development and support for GOCAD suite of products (roughly 2M LOC in C++/Qt) which is a commercial Geo-modeling and visualization and development application provided to major oil companies world-wide.

  • Spent approximately 9 months working on a project for evaluation, exploration, and benchmarking of Oracle technologies for use as a persistent backing store for many different Geophysical artifacts including large seismic cubes, relational storage of C++ objects, continuous query notifications, Oracle XML based technologies, and object-relational mapping facilities of Oracle.

2001 to 2007: Consultant — Bluware, Inc. — Houston, TX:

  • Full-time contractor to Shell in an in-house Geophysical software development group (Savior Team), which maintains a suite of very large applications for supporting exploration workflows in Shell. The software consisted of older C++ applications written against X/Motif (being migrated to Qt).

  • Helped create a new-generation application one new generation application written in Qt that leveraged a significant number of legacy Fortran “number crunchers”.

  • developed a plug-in framework to allow embedding python scripts as a Geo-modeling DSL inside the application to enable development of new algorithms by researchers.

  • I was also charged with leading an effort to develop and administer an offsite Center of Excellence (COE) - which provided Shell with the the ability to house their developers offsite. This involved acquisition and configuration of furnishings and equipment to provide Linux based workstations and servers for their use.

1997 to 2001: Lead Software developer — Stoner Associates — Houston, TX:

  • Maintenance, enhancements, extensions and interfaces to a large, mature, commercial pipeline simulation software product which involved expertise in C++, COM, ActiveX, CORBA, relational databases, and real-time systems.

  • Responsible for several field installations of software, including a communications interface deployed to the Amazon basin in Brazil.

1996 to 1997: Contract Developer — Aspen Technology — Houston, TX:

  • Development of a C++ calculation engine for scheduling pipeline product batches through cross-country pipelines.

1993 to 1997: Founding Partner — AppSmiths, Inc. — Houston, TX:

  • Day to day operations and management of a small software development company, including product development, project management, company infrastructure, marketing, legal, client relations, client negotiations, and employee relations.

  • Led development team of a flagship product, which is a commercially available software package for analysis, surveillance, design, and optimization of gas-lifted oil wells.

  • Provided custom consulting services, installations and enhancements both domestically and internationally for some major operating companies using the software.

1989 to 1993: Sr. Systems Analyst — Case Services — Houston, TX:

  • Primarily functioned as a consultant for several projects with Major Oil Companies.

  • Contracted for development on HB&T Railroad control system focusing on fail-over and implementation of radio- based serial communications protocols for communication with field devices

  • Contracted to Shell Oil company for development, maintenance and support for advanced process control systems at several field locations

  • Developed a PC-based data-acquisition and analysis tool for beam-pump wells for Shell; and was a developer on several field systems developed for Shell including SPOC and Gas-lift systems.

1984 to 1989: Systems Analyst — Dupont Rachford Engineering Mathmatics (DREM), Inc. — Houston, TX:

  • Primary responsibilities included systems administration for VAX, Prime, and PC-based systems

  • Also served on software development team for a commercial pipeline simulation package

  • Developed and implemented techniques for deploying this software on multiple architectures, ranging from PC’s to IBM mainframes.

1981 to 1984: Systems Analyst — Pipeline Hydraulics Engineering — Houston, TX:

  • System Administrator for Modcomp computer system

  • Assisted in development of several engineering software packages for in-house consultants

  • Led the effort of porting a large (Fortran) simulation package to the Modcomp platform.


  • Houston Area Resident for 35+ years, now an empty-nester so relocation is a possibility.
  • Able to work remotely effectively.
  • Experienced with international travel.
  • FAA Certified instrument-rated private pilot.
  • I welcome, and encourage any technical proficiency tests.